98 chevy won t go into park

1998 S10 pickup two wheel drive with a four cylinder engine automatic 88,000 miles. Truck will not set in park and will only start in neutral. The problem just started all of a sudden, I stopped for gas truck was fine got back in and went to crank and it would not crank. I own a 2008 Corvette, The shifter will not go into reverse or park, only neutral and drive The acc light will not turn off. If I hold the red stop for about 30 to 45 seconds the green light comes back on like it wants to start, but it won't.

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Mind did the same thing after about a year. What happens is the cable from the shifter to the trans gets bound up and stretches out and won't allow you to shift it into park and 1st gear. All I did was put the truck into "N" and put the e-brake on. Then I was able to take the key out. I took it into the dealership and it was covered under warrenty.

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My daughter's car, a 2005 chevy cavalier just started having issues with the ignition switch. She pulled the key from the ignition and this set off the alarm. While trying to silence the alarm she put the key back into the ignition and was able to silence the alarm. Now the ignition switch won't turn.