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Where 3 is file descripor of connection with router (ESTABLISHED state, due to the netstat). tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED 24839/ssh One hour ago I was still able to connect. Now there is no more access trough the console port - what I should do? if no port ssh (22) rule is set then try: sudo iptables -I INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 22 -j ACCEPT save current iptables firewall rules to a file called /root/dsl.fw , type:

Reed switch

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Under Cisco Terminal, select Use exernal terminal applications (specified below). In this case, we're going to configure the Putty.exe binary as our terminal program. Note that the complete path to the Putty.exe binary has to be specified. We can also influence the behavior of Putty using the following command line options: ssh opens an SSH ... Nov 12, 2018 · I have 2 Cisco Catalyst switches, one set up by me and one by a colleague, and I'm trying to figure out a username discrepancy. Both switches should have been factory reset, but one (when logging in via SSH) prompts for a username (cisco) and the other does not. So, my question is: from where (and how) can the username be set/changed? P.S.

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