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FlexiSPY Support Help Desk. New User? Sign Up. Create an account to submit tickets, read articles and engage in our community. The installation is a very complicated process and you can't do it instantly as they would like you to believe, BEWARE that once you pay you have to book the installation with engineers online. Flexispy customer service is ultra slow. I have been chasing a really unhelpful man called Paul which takes 6 days minimum to answer the most basic email.

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Jan 25, 2016 · The FlexiSPY Installation Service is a new service which you can get standalone or as part of a package when purchase our regular products. Our Installation Service is an optional add-on for your FlexiSPY purchase and is completely refundable if your device cannot be rooted or jailbroken. The Installation Service is in English. The biggest installation advantage of this spy app is the new innovative feature of remote installation service. With this service, an experienced technician will remote install FlexiSPY software for you and this procedure can take approximately 1 hour .

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By paying a small fee, users can also avail Installation service taken care by the support team. From installation, to jailbreaking, to rooting, and setting the device, everything is taken care by the support team. And, you can find pretty great FlexiSPY reviews by users about how amazing they are with their customer support. Pros/Cons