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To raise your vibration and reduce negative energy, you can: Control what is in you. Eat healthy, live whole foods. The shorter the time from tree to tasting, from ground to gourmet, the more positive energy you will receive. Choose Right Plants to Avoid Bad Energies There are some plants you should avoid since they create negative energies, such as sharp or pointed leaves or prickly plants like a cactus. You should avoid dried floral, plant or herbal arrangements since the chi for these plants has died. Nov 09, 2015 · The negative energy seems to be swirling around more than ever these days. The news is difficult to watch with the unpredictable weather disasters and bickering politicians. It is often impossible to avoid the harsh energy of the world. All of us pick up negative unwanted energy without even realizing it.

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Negativity is toxic to your entire system, so clearing negative energy is an important strategy on your journey of holistic well-being. Here are six ways to remove negative energy from your mind and body. One of the Buddha’s foundational teachings is that life contains suffering.

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May 24, 2017 · In every situation, we have the power of free will and choice. If negative energy is darkness, then positive energy is the light. We can either choose to flow with the negativity and allow it to bring us into the dark, or we can choose to channel a presence and energy of light. As Yogananda said, “Where there is light, darkness cannot exist.” Sep 05, 2012 · You can’t get rid of negative family or negative co-workers. What you can do is develop a stronger mental shield. And this is something I feel everyone should develop as soon as possible. Because the stronger this mental shield, the more you can protect yourself and thrive even in the presence of negative energy. The Rooster has the power of deflecting negative energies incoming from people that we don't have the best energy with, it also has the power to subdue any gossip matters in the workplace. However, if you need to get rid of some negative energy incoming from next-door, a great solution is a Rooster Chime and/or bells facing your neighbor's house.