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The teachers were very passionate, and the courses in the school counseling program were carefully designed to prepare us for the field. Because of the preparation received from the school, I landed a job as a school counselor 6 months before graduation on an emergency certification. The second most popular Counselor Education/school Counseling and Guidance Services degree that people obtain is a certificate. While a master's degree is the likely degree choice, acquiring a certificate degree isn't out of the question. Although a bachelor's degree is offered at some schools, getting a traditional degree is not very common. Graduate certificate programs in educational psychology, school psychology, and school counseling might allow you to study a topic of interest in your field at an advanced level, without committing to the full course load of a degree program.

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Aug 31, 2003 · Teachers who teach in a private academic school licensed by the Department of Education are required to be Pennsylvania certified through the Pennsylvania Department of Education, School Code Chapter 22, Section 51.34. Approval by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) to offer the National Counselors Exam (NCE), the exam accepted by Pennsylvania and many other states for licensure as a Professional Counselor. The thoroughness of La Salle’s training is widely recognized in the Philadelphia area and sets its graduates apart.

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Sep 05, 2019 · Pennsylvania Certification Board The PCB runs an annual conference, produces ethical codes of conduct, certifies substance abuse counselors, and connects counselors to approved continuing education opportunities. NC Licensure and Certification Requirement. Praxis II: Subject Assessments: A. School Guidance and Counseling: Code 5421. You must have a minimum passing score of 156. Register for the Praxis. Licensure. Students completing the M.A. program in school counseling will be eligible to apply for K-12 school counseling licensure in North Carolina.