Spherical geometry and navigation

There are also chapters on spherical geometry, polyhedra, stereographic projection and the art of navigation. The book is thoroughly illustrated and is a pleasant read. Chapters end with exercises; the appendices contain a long list of available and not so available textbooks and recommendations for further reading organized by individual chapters. Lines in spherical geometry are very easy to understand. Lines in spherical geometry are straight looking items that can be found by graphing points in a certain pattern. An list of suggestions for projects in geometry, topology, symmetry, making geometric solids, calendars, spherical and hyperbolic trigonometry, puzzles, models, etc. Projects were to be exhibited at the Geometry Fair at the end of the course.

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Spherical geometry is the geometry of the two-dimensional surface of a sphere.It is an example of a geometry that is not Euclidean.Two practical applications of the principles of spherical geometry are navigation and astronomy.

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Jun 06, 2020 · The formulas of spherical trigonometry make it possible to determine any three elements of the spherical triangle from the other three. In order to find a spherical triangle by means of two given sides $ a, b $ and the angle $ C $ between them, and by means of two given angles $ A, B $ and the side $ c $ between them, the following formulas are ...