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release (level 3.5.2), until then ServiceMaxx™ will use SPN 1004. N/A NO N/A Trip Percent Time at Idle (8344) Percent of idle duration time during a trip. NOTE: This parameter will be available in a future software release (level 3.5.2), until then ServiceMaxx™ will use SPN 1037/SPN 1036. N/A NO N/A Trip Average Vehicle Speed (8338) NOTE – The VID will display “Not Available” if a DTC description is not available for a particular fault. engine switch to the OFF. 3rd 2791 fim 5. MaxxForce 11 and 13 (2007-2009) Overview: Data Plate SPN 629 - FMI 12 (Fault Code 111) SPN 612 - FMI 2 (Fault Code 115) Blog. Nov 17, 2014 · Engine code SPN 111/ FMI18. Hi I have a Kalmar DCE120-6 that flags up a engine code SPN 111/ FMI18 any idea? This code is not in the book and the truck is works ok. Other times it was fairly quick, smoked for 2-3 miles and it was done. Today was totally different story and I'm wondering if that code has anything to do with the regen. When I parked the truck and ran NED and I was showing Soot load at 10%. The FMI number will help with what inlet temp alarm it actually is. fm2 Data erratic or intermittent. It is likely bad wiring or dirt in the main harness connector going to the DOC/DPF. Pull the connectors apart, inspect wiring for places rubbed thorough, and clean the plugs out with contact cleaner. If it persists, replace the inlet temp sensor.

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SPN#102, FMI#2 ― INTAKE MANIFOLD PRESSURE SENSOR CIRCUIT DATA INCORRECT. INITIAL SETUP: Personnel Required. Equipment Conditions. 91L. Engine off (TM 5-3895-385-10 ...

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SPN#102, FMI#4 will be displayed. 2. Intake manifold sensor or. 1. Disconnect engine ECM wiring. connector pins damaged. harness connector W25 C7. from engine intake ... Summary: SPN 3055 FMI 15 FRP below minimum with maximum command Troubleshooting Communication Number: IK1500076, Date: 2014-03-17 Category: 061320 ENGINE AND ENGINE COOLING:ENGINE:OTHER FUEL TYPES:TURBO-CHARGER Summary: SPN 94 FMI 0 Fuel Delivery Pressure Above Maximum Communication Number: IK1201075, Date: 2014-03-12 Category: 060000 ENGINE (PWS) SPN FMI TEMSA DTC J1939 SPN/FMI Description Cummins Fault Code Cummins Description 629 12 100 Controller #1 Bad Intelligent Device Or Component 111 Engine Control Module Critical Internal Failure - Bad intel-ligent device or component 612 2 101 System Diagnostic Code #2 Data Erratic, Intermittent Or Incorrect