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Sep 23, 2010 · Just pick another number such as 81 and forward that port on your router to port 80 on your NAS. Then to get to it go to youraddress:81 To be fair, though, port 80 isn't really needed if port 443 is still forwarded to your NAS and you only use HTTPS. Aug 12, 2020 · After the certificate has been acquired, you are free to close port 80. 2. If you are using Synology’s Firewall, you need to create a custom rule that allows port 80 traffic to your Synology NAS. Open Control Panel, navigate to Security then Firewall. Create an allow rule for TCP port 80 or 443 (whichever you are using). Jul 16, 2017 · As soon as all the Containers has fully started (this can take up to 5 min or so) you can connect to your Synology DSM's IP with the port number ( to see the GitLab landing page. Congratulations, you have successfully configured Docker Ghost Gitlab (with Redis and Postgresql) Container!

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I’ve tried opening this port on the Synology Firewall, and also on my Router. I know that within docker it’s port 45566, but the “local” port is set to “auto”. I tried manually setting that local port to a specific value, and forwarding it on both the synology and router.. still no luck. Any suggestions on the port forwarding? Oct 04, 2019 · docker container run --name my_nginx -d -p 8080:80 nginx. The -p 8080:80 option tells Docker to map port 80 in the container to port 8080 on the host machine. List the containers to make sure the “my_nginx” container is running: docker container ls

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Jun 22, 2017 · External Port 80 to internal port 8080 and External Port 443 to internal port 8443. In the docker container I then updated port settings: (first I had to update the Network tab and uncheck the box for Use the same network as Docker Host.) Local Port 8443 to Container Port 443 via TCP. Local Port 8080 to Container Port 80 via TCP