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The Winchester PDX1 Defender is loaded with a 165 grain bonded jacket hollow point notched into 6 sections to promote positive, consistent and programmed expansion at a variety of impact velocities. Engineered with maximized terminal ballistics in mind. 20 rounds per box Muzzle velocity - 1140 fps Tags: 40 S&W 40 With this patented 6 segment expansion, Winchester Bonded PDX1 Defenders can take on the toughest barriers and achieve deep piercing penetration. You get 20 rounds of quality boxer-primed, brass-cased, corrosion-resistant, reloadable rounds.

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10 Round Box - 20 Gauge Winchester Long Beard XR Turkey Load 3 Inch 1 1/4 OZ Number 6 Shot 1000 FPS Ammo - STLB2036: 0 : $20.95 Each 10+ @ $19.95 Each (price per ... Apr 10, 2020 · The PDX1 load (which Winchester seems to be calling just Defender these days) is a bit different than the buck and ball load from way back when. This is a 1-ounce slug with three 00 buckshot pellets packed in the shell. The pellets are plated, and I’d imagine its a must-have to prevent deformation when fired with the slug behind them.

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